Caribbean Sail Training

Sint Maarten, Leeward Islands, Caribbean


Basic Cruising

  • Based in Sint Maarten, Leeward Islands, Caribbean
  • 7 day liveaboard vacation style course
  • Theoretical and Practical components
  • 2 boats; one for skill building; one for liveaboard
  • Teaches key skills
  • Provides framework for building skill
  • Only available as live aboard in the Caribbean


Journey to Chartering

  • New course offering
  • Professional Instructor
  • 7 day vacation format – Caribbean
  • Builds foundation skills in preparation for Intermediate Cruising
  • Provides opportunity to practise
  • Introduces intermediate level skills
  • Builds confidence
  • Log big boat experience
  • Introduction to night sailing


Intermediate Cruising

  • 7 day Vacation format
  • Certification required by charter companies
  • Focus on resource Management (picture of Diesel engine or maybe the power panel or a collage maybe?)
  • Perfects sailing manoeuvres
  • Charting and plotting courses
  • Navigation with hand instruments
  • Builds leadership skills
  • Develops prudent skippering skills
  • Competently handling of 10 – 12 m vessel


Journey to Passage Making

  • Prepares student for the advanced cruising standard
  • Develops leadership skills
  • Advanced coastal navigation skills
  • Prepare and plan a passage
  • Experience sailing and navigating at night
  • Provides an assessment of skill so you can be successful at the Advanced level
  • Gives student some big boat experience in all conditions on 12 – 16 metre vessel
  • 48 hour continuous passage, night watch standing, acting as skipper

BYC womens race 3.jpg

Advanced Cruising

  • 48 hour passage
  • Demonstration of superior leadership skills
  • Navigation 24/7 without electronics
  • Boat system management (crew and mechanical)
  • Night sail into unknown anchorage
  • Various venues
  • Demonstration of excellent sailing skills

Learn Charter Catamaran Sailing

  • Prepares student for chartering a catamaran
  • Can be certification level required by charter companies
  • 7 day Vacation format
  • Focus on resource Management
  • Perfects sailing manoeuvres

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